Virtual Breathwork + Meditation to Release Tension

about this event

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”-Zen Proverb

Even though we all know mindfulness practices are good for us, it’s the easiest thing to brush off. I get it because I’ve been there, but what if it was the difference between achieving your goals and derailing your plans? The point behind it all is to carve out a bit of space between stimulus and response — between thought and action.

My intention is to create a simple, fast, but powerful session that is available to everyone – no matter how busy you are. Starting tomorrow morning, I am launching a 30-minute Virtual Breathwork + Meditation class via Zoom. Practice the art of stillness in a world that doesn’t allow it. Every Wednesday 7 – 7:30 AM PST I will be holding space and guiding us in a short but potent session on a weekly basis. Venmo @Nikki-Mostofi $20 with your email to receive the Zoom Link, Details, and Playlist. Can’t wait to breathe with you!

Instagram: @nikki.mostofi