VIRTUAL BREATHING | Activate Your Superpowers with your Soulmate!

about this event


Ready to have fun for 6 weeks? To step out of your boring comfort zone? To radically change your life, your well-being and overall health so you can experience joy, ease and success? 

Together with your soulmate for even more fun, encouragement and deeper learnings? 

Then I might have something interesting for you! 

A truly life-transforming virtual breathwork course that will guide you in a powerful, fun way through a mind-blowing, heart-opening and energy-activating journey! You will leave the 6-week journey with your highest potential activated and bold steps taken towards your professional and/or personal dreams! 

And there’s nothing better than going on a journey together with a trusted person with whom you can share your inner truth and newest revelations as well as have accountability to your highest truth and your boldest dreams. 

Sounds aligned?

Then here are the next steps for you to take:

1) Check your resonance level with the course here: 

2) If you feel an inner YES, contact your dearest friend you would love to go on this journey with and share with him/her the link sprinkled with your excitement!

3) If he/she’s on fire for it, too, each of you can use this special code BOLDTOGETHER to unlock each of your journeys with 50% off (or you can gift it to her/him as you would just pay the normal 100% for both accounts). 

4) Now you can schedule your first session together, either physically or virtually, and then share your experience and newest downloads after your session to inspire, encourage and support each other!

It’s going to be so much fun and life-expanding! Trust me! This journey has transformed many lives already and using it together with a good friend can be even more inspiring, fulfilling and successful!

I’m here if you have any questions!

Your Superpower Coach, 


PD: The code is only available until August 7th. So dare to take the step now! There is no better moment coming. Do it if you feel it!