Vegan Sushi Gourmet Dinner

about this event

Radiant Space is pleased to host our first Vegan Sushi Gourmet Dinner paired with artwork and an artist talk with Ibuki Kuramochi and Alexandra Carter. Leading up to this meal, the two artists will spend three days sharing an open studio practice at Radiant Space, creating artwork and a costume for Ibuki’s live performance Saturday, August 3rd at 7:30 pm and for Alexandra’s exhibit in September.

Guests are invited to view the two artists while they transform the space from 5-7pm on July 31st, August 1st, and 2nd. Alexandra Carter grew up on a cranberry farm and uses the juice as a source in her work and at times as a medium; elements of this fruit will be found in this meal, as well as Japanese matcha, which Ibuki has been incorporating into her work.

If you would like to attend both the meal and the performance on August 3rd, please contact Radiant Space for a special package rate:

Please contact the gallery if you have any specific dietary needs.

Tickets must be ordered by August 1st.


Sushi Fusion: various styles of rolls made with vegan seafood including eel avocado, salmon, and tuna. (contains soy)

Kokkoro: Traditional Japanese appetizer made with vegetables and ground vegan crumbles (contains wheat and soy)

Japanese Ceviche: A new version of the famous dish using a twist of Japanese fruits and seasonings (contains coconut)

Summer Dessert: Tofu Cheesecake topped with a seasonal jam and traditional Japanese matcha (contains soy and nuts)

$35 includes a beverage and collectible chopsticks



Born in Japan, performance artist Ibuki Kuramochi specializes in artworks for exhibition; and also specializes in live performances combining her live painting and her Japanese Butoh dance. She studied Butoh dance at the world-renown Kazuo Ohno Butoh Dance Studio in Yokohama. She has held a deep interest and passion in painting since her childhood when she saw, for the first time, Ikuo Hirayama’s work about Silk Road Art. She works a lot with black and white, which represent the beginning and nothingness. In her paintings, we can find many themes like nature, the animal world in opposition with the human world, and eroticism.


My work is an exploration of the psyche in the form of painting and drawing influenced by print media, collage, and performance. While riffing on themes of gender, fairytale, and masquerade, I play with the relationship between control and catharsis, visualizing the body coming out of itself, exposing not only one’s guts but one’s internal state–one’s emotions, one’s craziness–in a way that can seem both pleasurable and painful. I draw from my personal background (especially my origins on a cranberry farm in New England) as well as literature, mythology, dance, and costume. My subject matter derives from a large archive of images which I collect and also create from my own performances. Recent interests include expressionist dance movements (specifically German Neuer Tanz and Japanese Butoh), mythological human-animal hybrids, and the words of surrealist artist Unica Zürn. I use alternative media and surfaces to emphasize a visceral mark. The spill of ink on nonporous, translucent drafting film (a.k.a. mylar) refers back to the body permeating beyond its own boundaries. The fluid is juxtaposed with collage elements; using solvents and other transfer methods I directly appropriate reference images from my archive. In recent installations, I suspend works throughout a space, making use of their translucency and presenting them as double-sided paintings that immerse the viewer in their own world. In other series, I paint using cranberry juice, which refers to my background and to the body in an abject narrative. I exploit the staining effect of the juice on antique linens or pillowcases.


Yasmina is a chef born and raised in Barcelona, Catalonia. She has been cooking since she was a child. While studying to be a social worker, she realized that culinary arts was her passion. She stopped studying culinary arts formally because it wasn’t aligned with her morals and ethics towards animals. She started exploring the vegan lifestyle and fell in love with the cuisine.

Since then, she has been working in NY running and working as a consultant in different kitchens in Manhattan. She also has her own project called Life is a Shiitake, where she offers customized meal prep plans to fermented vegan cheese and yogurt. She is also always experimenting and learning techniques from different cuisine around the world.