Vastu Shastra: Aligning your home for harmony and flow

about this event

Learn to how to bring harmony and flow to your space utilizing the principles of Vastu


You may have heard Vastu referred to as the Feng Shui of India, but this does not fully express what it is, nor does it provide the appropriate context.

Vastu Shastra is a holistic science rooted in the Vedas that shapes design, art, architecture, the landscape, and topology. It is still used throughout India to design and build sacred sites, as well as commercial and residential structures.

Why is Vastu Shastra essential to the conversation of self-care? Well, to put it simply, your surroundings have a subtle yet profound impact on your senses, which impact your state of mind and how you feel.


If you have ever walked into a space and immediately felt as though something were off… or conversely, walked into a space and instantly felt a sense of ease…

This is Vastu Shastra at work. Vastu is the personality and architecture of space. It can be enhanced, shaped, and personalized to a particular place, function, or even inhabitant.


Influenced by the elements and energies of the environment, Vastu offers foundational principles for establishing balance and harmony in the environment.

In this course, we will be covering the fundamentals… How you can incorporate Vastu principles into your surroundings to maximize flow and create a healing environment for you and your family.



Vastu is a vast science that explores the nature of spatial orientation as it applies to architecture and design. It allows the living energy of a structure to flow, enabling optimal health and harmony for the occupants.

Vastu, Āyurveda, and Jyotish individually and synergistically guide us to participate in the harmonious operation of the universe!

As a holistic science, it encompasses architecture as a spatial design system. It connects the elements, cardinal directions, and natural forces with materials and engineering.

Concepts we’ll be covering:

  • Vastu Shastra and how its principles affect your life.
  • How the cardinal directions affect our physical and energetic spaces
  • The key aspects that cause environmental stress and affect personal and professional health
  • Remedies to improve the health and flow of your home or workspace.
  • How and where to establish optimal creative zones for: 
    • Meditation/spiritual space
    • Study and work
    • Cooking
    • Rest & relaxation
  • How to identify specific objects, artworks, or materials that can attract negative energy.
  • How to thoughtfully place objects for optimal flow and harmonics.



Just as you inhabit your body, you inhabit your home. Vastu considers a dwelling to be full of the vital life force and teaches us how to customize a space for the healing and well-being of the occupant

In this guided portion of the course, will we explore how these principles can be applied as a daily sadhana to bring harmony and flow to our spaces.

Guided exercises include:

  • Home or room tour (bring an illustration of your home to share)
  • Elements – their presence, location, and effects on our emotions
  • The importance of akasha – flow – cleanliness
  • How to identify the key areas of blockage or negativity
  • Remedies for Rejuvenation
  • 5 things you can implement today to enhance flow and ease in your home


Whats Included:

  • 2 hour Video Lecture: Vastu Shastra
  • 2 hour Guided hands-on practicum
  • Class slides and handouts
  • Quick reference guide: 5 Tips to enhance flow and ease in your home
  • Access to class recordings for a whole month
  • One month access to our virtual classroom (including class recordings, handouts and journaling exercises)
  • Plus one month FREE access to our online Yoga Studio & Class Library


Saturday & Sunday | August 20 & 21 – 10AM HST


Increase your productivity, creativity, and sense of ease by arranging your physical space for optimal flow.