Unlocked Vision Manifestation Workshop

about this event

For the woman feeling stuck in her wants and ready to create magic in her life.

Join us in a half-day workshop to find clarity and confidence in your soul’s truest desires and the aligned steps to manifest them  – through breathwork, desire-pulling, meditation, clarity trainings + more.

Every attendee will be entered to win the $150+Unlocked Vision Gift Bag✨ with favorite wellness brands including Hello Goldie, Muse Apothecary + more.

Hosted by Manifestation Advisor Jenni Adishian + Intentional Lifestyle Coach Danielle Hatton

Jenni Adishian is a Manifestation Advisor, Intuitive Guide + Certified Breathwork and Meditation Teacher based in Austin, Texas. Danielle Hatton is an Intentional Lifestyle Coach, Clarity Expert and Certified Breathwork and Meditation Teacher based in England.

We can’t wait to create magic with you!✨