Unlock Your Resistance, Connect to Your Power

about this event

We will always be our best teacher. The relationship that we have with ourselves is one of the most important relationships we have. We can work to understand ourselves on a deeper level by connecting to our internal environment. Connecting to our internal environment is; becoming aware of our feelings and our emotions, gaining consciousness on the choices we make, understanding what makes us feel the most connected and alive and identifying where and why resistance shows up for us. 

Resistance shows up in many forms – in the physical, mental, energetic and emotional body. It is also known as stress. Once we identify it, we can work towards releasing it, move closer to a life that feels free and connect to our most authentic power. Connecting to our power means developing a strong connection to our intuition and moving forward from a place of what feels right in our mind, body and hearts. Instead of living out of fear, we move forward with courage. This means having trust, speaking honestly and openly about who we are and what we are feeling and making choices that support our higher self no matter how hard they might be. 

In this retreat, we will explore the power of resilience and self-expression. We will work to shift areas of resistance around self-love, fear and letting go. We will examine emotions that get in the way of living our best life, such as fear, anger, anxiety, shame and sadness. Most of the work comes around opening up and clearing the stuck energy around our chakras to access spirit and love. Chakra blocks show up in the form of sickness, stress and depleted energy. They keep us stuck in life and limit our growth. They stop the flow of energy and awareness which limit our ability to open and connect to our purpose in life. We need purpose because it is what gives us a true sense of belonging. In order to find it we have to confront the places that we avoid. 

My healing approach comes from self-healing techniques such as yoga, meditation, movement, breathwork, reiki and exercises that release trauma in the body and through the nourishment of cacao. I use intentional healing techniques to bring awareness to our darkness. What makes it hard to heal is when we lose our connection to our power. We reconnect to it by coming into alignment with our heart and spirit. In order to heal our lives, you have to be willing to reverse the trauma and rewrite our story. This requires honesty and compassion to oneself.

This retreat is perfect for anyone who is ready to gain a deeper meaning of life and connect to their purpose and truth. My goal is to bring awareness around areas of resistance and what keep us limited in life. When we work to heal ourselves we can enhance love, forgiveness, hope and joy and increase the divine energy that connects us to everything. 

This experience includes:

-daily mediation, yoga & movement exercises 

-shadow work

-targeted reiki energy work

-three breathwork ceremonies in the desert of Joshua Tree 

-cacao ceremony

-collective oracle card pulls

-silent mornings 

-daily journaling & group discussion

-dream board

-manifestation through intention setting

-daily breakfast included. (Lunch & dinner not included – healthy options available) 

Optional Activities:


-deep relaxation Swedish massage, Integrative massage, reflexology, reiki and energy balancing upon request 

-hiking in Joshua Tree

-intuitive readings 

*A detailed schedule will be emailed two weeks before the event.*

What’s NOT included:

-accomodations which you can book through Campbell House Historic Desert Inn at, http://www.campbellhouse29palms.com/stay.php. It is the twin sister to 29 Palms Inn where accommodations are also available. You can share a room or suite with a friend   

-flights and airport transfers. Closest airport is Palm Springs (1-hour drive) 


-a yoga mat & props if you use them for our morning practice