Unleashing the Feminine Divine

about this event

All of creation is inherently the divine feminine; it is energy, it is form.

Women have a unique ability to connect with their energy through emotions, intuition, and awareness of their bodies. What’s more, we have a deep ability to connect with each other and our inherently capacity for creativity and care. But so often these qualities are repressed, belittled – it’s time to let them loose.

Join a powerful evening of connection with self, spirit and a tribe of remarkable women as we tune into the power of the feminine.

Through visceral, body-based energy work, moments of deep and authentic connection and support, and celebratory food music and more, we’ll embrace what it means to embody the divine in the female body.

What to expect:

Energy Work: You’ll connect with sweet, divine and powerful energy within you through a group session of KAP energy work (as seen on the most recent episode of GOOP). Through KAP, the divine will guide your kundalini (life-force) through your entire body- facilitating your aliveness, cathartic clearing, bliss, and living your purpose in the world. Meanwhile, the Reiki will allow us to align our intentions and heal, allowing ourselves to settle into the sweet peace of being.

Connection: Through individual, partner and group exercises, you’ll connect deeply around what you most deeply want. Through sharing and supporting each other, we’ll come to understand and move through the barriers that stand in the way of your realizing your desires and sharing your abundance with the world.

Through yummy gifts of food, flowers, music and movement, we’ll connect with the divine energy of abundance through all the senses and aspects of our practice.

About Rei Chou:

Rei Chou is a facilitator, artist, and healer. She draws on 10 years of experience in convening, facilitation and experience design with organizations ranging from The White House to The Rockefeller Foundation. As a founder of The Feast, she catalyzed thousands of people to gather for meaningful conversations to foster collective empowerment. She has worked for 6+ years as a master level Reiki practitioner working with groups and individuals. She is now also a KAP practitioner offering, facilitating powerful transformation for individuals and communities of spiritual warriors. She is passionate about helping each person realize their truth, purpose and full expression in this life-time. thisisreichou.com

DATE: Friday March 6th

TIME:6:00pm – 10:00pm

This offering comes with:

  • Full hour-long KAP Transmission: Value $50
  • Beautiful, nourishing, and ceremonial food moments
  • Facilitated exercises, meditations and moments of deep connection and support

*Please note, we have donor tickets and limited tickets for healers, artists & change-makers

PRE-REGISTRATION is essential, as spots are very limited. No drop-ins on the day.