Understanding and Removing Etheric Cords: An Experiential Workshop

about this event


There are energetic cords formed between people and places, pets and thought forms, all the time.

Some of them give us our sense of connection, and others can act like a vacuum that sucks the life force from us. Have you ever wondered why you can’t get certain things or people off your mind no matter how many times you’ve rehashed it? You may have etheric cords to that person that need to be removed.  

Catharine Allan has seen many relationship and health issues clear up with this process, and she is happy to guide you to do it too, and feel the insight and relief it can bring.  

In this experiential workshop, you will be guided to:  

~ Learn how to identify the helpful energies vs. unhelpful energies around you.

~ Visualize and identify any etheric cords in, on, and around you.

~ Learn how to describe, interpret, and, If needed, remove and cut etheric cords

Bring relevant insights into your current relationship and situations

~ Discern the quality of your connections based on the etheric cords and what they reveal.

~ Receive guidance on what to do to remedy and protect your energy

In addition to the group cord-cutting, Catharine may also do a couple of individual demos if time allows.  

This workshop can help you understand your relationships in an entirely new way that will help guide your life.  

Please note: The lecture and guided exercises portion of this event will be recorded, and the recording shared with all event registrants.  

About Catharine Allan 

Catherine is the author of two books, including her latest, Vibes from the Other Side, and her debut, A Little Bit of Intuition, published by Sterling Ethos NYC.  

She is a self-taught Clairvoyant, Medium, and Astrologer who has practiced for the past 30 years in Montreal, giving readings and teaching courses on her own and for McGill University. Catharine has also participated in many community actions, facilitating events and support groups for the Montreal Healing Arts Community, Concordia University, the YWCA, and at the Melange Magique – Montreal’s largest Pagan and Occult shop – for 13 years.  

She gives sessions of all types, including mediumship, tarot, clairvoyance and channeling, astrology charts & compatibility, past life regressions, and shamanic reiki sessions.  

For more info on Catharine’s work, visit river-rain.com, email river.rain.info@gmail.com, or check out her YouTube channel.  

Tickets: $33 thereafter. Space is limited, so please register early!  

Presented online via Zoom