Turning Inward: Guided Tea Meditation

about this event

The colder seasons invite us to stay inside, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The Taoist Five Element framework associates Winter with the Water element, symbolic of depth, unknowing, and deep meditation. 

The Way of Tea offers a straightforward entry point into these contemplations: pausing from activity and spending time recalibrating in the profound exploration of serving tea. Join Living Tea leader Rachel E. Maley for a brief discussion of the Winter season and the Water element, followed by a communal tea practice including silence and guided meditation. 

Prepare a comfortable place for seated meditation and applicable tools for brewing tea, however you prefer to do so.

About Your Instructor

Rachel Elizabeth Maley is a leader of Living Tea and the creator of Still Life Meditation, a center for meditation and self-inquiry in downtown Elgin, IL. An artist since a young age, Rachel has practiced meditation in various forms for more than 20 years. Particularly influenced by Zen and Cha Dao (the Way of Tea), Rachel’s practice is defined by what a mentor calls “expert noticing”— a consistent desire to pay attention, learn more, and delight in even the smallest of things.