Tamara Edwards and Sibyl Buck

Tune In, Turn On

about this event

A monthly series using Easy Breathwork, Cacao, and the body’s innate gift of healing and balance, led by Sibyl Buck and Tamara Edwards.

Tamara and Sibyl will guide you to reconnect to the flow that makes life fun, and inspires you. 

After a decade of friendship and adventure, Tamara and Sibyl have collaborated to offer a dynamic yin and yang style practice.

Easy Breathwork with Cacao

Tamara’s offering comes from 3 years deep in the jungle cultivating an intimate relationship with Chocolate harvested from the remote area in which she lived, and healing through her breathwork practice. Integrative Breathwork is a simple, easy and safe breathing technique to facilitate healing, unwind stress, tension, trauma and injury from the body and to restore a sense of well-being. Through this circular breathing method we are able to peel back habitual layers of protection in order to access and digest emotional holding patterns. Body and mind align in the present moment, allowing the body to clear itself of deeply held tension and fear. In person session includes hands on assistance. The Hot Chocolate assists in activation, opening of heart, and grounding. 

Regenerative Integration

Sibyl is an ongoing student of therapeutic yoga, holotropic breathwork, anatomy and nervous systems, trauma relief and somatic healing as well as restorative yoga and meditation. Through a combination of these fields and modalities, Sibyl offers a reliable path to down-regulating the nervous system and arriving in wholeness with as much of the moment as we can tolerate. Expect to feel like you’ve landed in the right place at the right time. 

This combination of Activation and Integration practices is a complete somatic process which will leave you feeling lighter, inspired, and embodied. 

An Ayurvedic inspired lunch is offered afterward as an option. Tamara and Sibyl both have benefited from the healing of Ayurveda and are happy to share at lunch. After lunch, if you feel inspired to stay we will get our hands in the dirt with a permaculture activity on the farm.