Trust Your Intuition

about this event

Our intuition is always communicating with us – both within the sensations of our body and the way we interpret the signs and symbols that show up in our life. Like an internal GPS system, it guides our daily choices, actions, and instincts. When we strengthen our trust and connection to this awareness, we become fluent interpreters of this living language.

Do you trust when you feel contraction or expansion in an interaction or situation? Do you pay attention and validate the synchronicities and messages that show up in your life? When we validate the language of our intuition and the guiding signs that show up along the way, rather than dismiss them, we in turn validate ourselves and our relationship to Spirit. This is one of the keys we will explore, along with boundaries, emotional health, self-love, and ritual.

If you have ever struggled with self-doubt or uncertainty around this topic, know that this is an empowering practice that will become a lifestyle. Aarona will begin this experience with a group forecast oracle reading with The Moon Deck, followed by a Trust Meditation. Then we will dive deep into what it means to align with a resonance of embodied trust as we dissolve self-doubting dialogue and blocks and fine-tune our relationship with our intuition. Let’s come together during these sacred times and give our inner compass space to be seen, heard, and developed. Be sure to bring a journal, and optionally a candle to light during our time together in this ONLINE offering.

Aarona Leá
author & founder of The Moon Deck
embodied intuition & ritual wellness teacher

What began as a need for survival, eventually became a passion turned
profession, guiding Aarona to help demystify intuition, ritual, and
emotional health. As a teacher, writer, business owner, and oracle
reader, she authored and founded ‘The Moon Deck’, which has reached
thousands of women globally. Aarona also created the Intuitive Oracle
Training, a live online experience that develops intuition while
learning how to be a fluent Moon Deck Oracle Reader.
With yoga, meditation, alternative therapies, and various healing
modalities guiding Aarona’s journey over the last 25 years, she shares
these combined tools with others. Beginning on a healing path as a
child, this curiosity led her on a life-long journey of study, practice,
and modern ritual – where she explored the shadowy depths of healing
trauma, recovered from chronic cycles of bulemia, and is now helping to
normalize conversations around emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
She also facilitates empowering workshops and trainings, leads sacred
circles and retreats worldwide, offers private and group Intuitive
Oracle Readings + Trainings, and runs The Moon Deck business full time.
Aarona has been profiled in Goop, MindBodyGreen, Gaia, Hello Giggles,
Thrive Global, Traveler UK, 24Life, Yoga Journal, and has been featured
on major wellness podcasts such as The DENTalks, Shaman Durek’s Ancient
Wisdom Today, and IGNTD podcast amongst others. Learn more about
Aarona’s offerings at and