Trust and Travel in Mexico || A Writer’s Retreat

about this event

Trust and Travel is an immersive writing retreat designed to unlock your creative potential and support you in producing work that you love. All you need is a desire for connection and a curiosity for the creative side of life.

We are a curated combination of creative and travel writing workshops, yoga, meditation, and of course – adventure. Our retreat takes place in Yelapa, Mexico at the gorgeous Verana Boutique Hotel.

What We Offer…

Your time with us is designed to restore and inspire you, helping you reconnect with your creative self and nurture the voice that is already within you.

This is a balance between learning and exploring. We start with morning yoga or a meditation and then journaling to create internal space. Immersive writing workshops follow to hone our craft. Deep discussions to understand ourselves and the business of writing make room for growth. Day trips and excursions in nature will be implemented to writing sessions.

We offer a safe space for you to share your stories, have your work reviewed, experiment with your writing, and ask the hard questions. We will nourish the mind, body and soul while pushing our creative projects forward.

The Setting … Verana

Sometimes beauty needs to be felt and touched to become real. And nothing transforms feelings into creative potential more than traveling to exotic lands.

Verana, a handmade hotel situated in Yelapa, Mexico, does just that. Aesthetically stunning, this boutique hotel is even more special when felt. Verana oozes appreciation for nature while also encouraging exploration, adventure and human connection. Designed and crafted by a couple in love, Verana was handmade to inspire.

Here we will play and learn, dine and sleep. Organic three course meals are prepared daily by incredible chefs, coffee delivered to your door every morning, and the exquisite outdoors are always there to remind you that you are dreaming awake.

With this mind we must also remind you… this is an ADVENTURE. You will be asked to push yourself. There is a steep hike up from the beach. There are bugs. We are on the tail end of rainy season so there may be rain. We feel that any adventure worth taking asks you to be uncomfortable at times. We welcome all of this and we hope you will too.

image: Taryn Anderson

Reserving A Spot

Our tickets are reserved on a first come basis. There are only ten spots on this retreat in order to allow us to give individual attention to each participant. Ticket price varies based on accommodations selected, they range from $2,100-$2,700.

All tickets include:

  • A 5 night/ 6 day stay at Verana Resort
  • 3 organic meals a day + morning coffee and tea
  • Morning yoga or meditation sessions
  • Travel & Creative writing workshops (see Fall ‘19 for details)
  • Poetry jam and open mic night
  • Invitation to publish on Trust and Travel Blog
  • Boat transfer to Verana from Puerto Vallarta

*Airfare and alcohol are not included


Thursday- Oct 10

Arrivals // greetings


Evening welcome circle meditation and intention setting

Welcome dinner and introductions

Gift bags // schedule handouts

Friday- Oct 11

7:30 -8:00 Tea

8:00- 9:00 Yoga/ Meditation

9:15 -10:00 Breakfast/Journaling

10: 15 – 11:45 Creative session- The Power of Sensory Language- (The Real Secret To Travel Writing + Poetry)

11:45-12:45 Break/writing time

1:00- 2:00 Lunch

Pool session – explore the site, decompress

4:00- 5:30 Workshop- The Lyrical Essay

7:00 Dinner

Saturday- Oct 12

7:30 -8:00 Tea

8:00- 9:00 Yoga/ Meditation

9:15 -10:00 Breakfast/Journaling

10:15-11:45 Creative Session/ Workshop: The Life of a Travel Writer + The Business of Writing

11:45-12:45 Break/writing time

1:00- 2:00 Lunch

2:00-6:00 Afternoon outing – waterfall or boat trip

7:00 Dinner – Come to dinner ready to read your pitch

Sunday- Oct 13

7:30 -8:00 Tea

8:00- 9:00 yoga/ meditation

9:15 -10:00 Breakfast

10:15-11:45 Creative Session: Create Characters from Scratch- A Foray Into Fiction

11:45-12:45 Break/writing time

1:00- 2:00 Lunch

2:00-4:00 Workshop: From structure to style – Travel essays and Joan Didion

4:00:6:30 Write your piece

7:00 Dinner

Open Mic

Monday- Oct 14

7:30 -8:00 Tea

8:00- 9:00 Yoga/ Meditation

9:15 -10:00 Breakfast/Journaling

10:15- 11:45 Workshop: Editing workshop with Juniper

11:45-12:45 Break/ writing time

1:00- 2:00 Lunch

2:00 – 4:00 Hike to Town

4:30- 6:00 Creative Session- The Art of Doing Nothing – exercises to unblock

7:00 Dinner

8:30 Poetry Reading

Tuesday- Oct 15

Departure //

Goodbye Breakfast

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