Mercury Retrograde and Your Zodiac Sign

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 Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year, but what does it really mean for us? Everyone is affected differently and in this workshop, you will learn what Mercury means for you! 

Superstitions about Mercury Retrograde are well known, but there are many misconceptions about this astrological time.

It’s true that this trickster planet can make communication, travel and work on a computer well…tricky.

Common warnings include:

👉🏼 Don’t start any new projects

👉🏼 Don’t make business moves or sign contracts

👉🏼 Don’t make big purchases or rely on technology

👉🏼 Don’t expect your travel plans to go according to schedule.

But when we get wrapped up in the games of Mercury we miss the REAL message, one that could offer a new opening our lives.

When Mercury Retrograde comes around… this is not something to fear, but rather something to EMBRACE.

There’s more to know and Mercury Retrograde than frustration and delays.

In fact, this can be an exceptionally productive time to review your past and consider your future direction. It also reminds us that we need to slow down.

With the right wisdom, guidance and mindset, the energies of Mercury Retrograde can be transmuted from chaos to calm.

In this workshop, Jenner Linden will clear up misconceptions about Mercury Retrograde, while explaining exactly why this is such a powerful time and what we can do to make it magical + potent. ✨

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In this workshop, you will…

  • Learn how Mercury in Retrograde specifically affects your birth chart, so you can use this time for growth
  • Learn about common misconceptions about Mercury Retrograde, so you can embrace the potent wisdom it brings.
  • Understand how you can connect and renew with the power of Mercury Retrograde to benefit your life
  • Reset and enter Mercury Retrograde with an empowered mindset every time

Our Guide 🥰

Jenner Linden is an Intuitive Coach for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Creatix of The Wild Ones, a Sacred membership for heart-centered seekers + leaders to transform. ✨

Jenner will help you reconnect to your personal power and spiritual alignment in order to transform your life, business, and the world 🌎 She pursues this mission as a workshop hostess, public speaker, consultant, and one-on-one coach.

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“THANK YOU WILD ONES! This is exactly what I needed. It’s already life-saving. Life-giving. A way to the re-birthing. It is amazing what is already happening. I am so grateful.” – Odhi

“Jenner is freaking fabulous, the community is beautiful and the classes and workshops have sincerely been life-changing for me over the years.” – Daisy

Jenner is an inspirational powerhouse. The time I’ve spent working with Jenner has been incredibly productive. Thank you for guidance and wisdom, Jenner. Truly appreciated!” – Lana

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