Transmuting Pain Into Bliss

about this event

Join Mel Larkins in a 2-part experience to Transmute Pain Into Bliss through Reiki-infused Yoga + Music + Meditation + Movement.

Day 1

Connect and explore the self to gain clarity about our suffering on an individual and collective level. Learn to identify the source of our pain. If we can identify it, then we can move it.

Day 2

Break through blocks and barriers to growth! We move the energy from hurting to healing by facing ourselves and loving ourselves unconditionally.

If feel stagnant or blocked in love, money, confidence, creativity, or any area of your life then this experience is for you. Abundance is here and waiting for you to be free of that which does not serve you. Release the idle energy weighing you down and move from pain into Bliss!

MEL is a Master Level Reiki practitioner, Yoga + Meditation Guide (200 hr RYT) with over 20 years of experience in yoga, movement, music, and spiritual growth, and a lifetime of experience in music and love. For more information about Mel and her offerings, please visit her website and follower her on Instagram (@Mel.Meadowlark)