Transformative Healing Workshop: Fear of Missing Out

about this event

Welcome to Transformative Healing: A Series on Emotional Wellbeing, a weekly conversational meditation series. These interactive workshops create an intimate space to explore topics that occupy our inner lives, yet are rarely expressed beyond the confines of our inner thoughts and feelings.

Each week, we will focus on a specific topic related to our emotional well-being, including an emphasis on topics that may be considered taboo like intimacy, shame, and loneliness. This 90-minute weekly series is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and develop a deep connection with ourselves, our minds, and our hearts.

This week’s topic is FOMO: the modern ailment associated with missing out on a social situation or event that seems especially interesting or entertaining. Join us for an evening of unraveling this feeling to learn how meditation can be used as a tool to navigate these experiences with kindness.

Attendees are invited to share personal stories, engage in transformative introspection, and collectively reflect on the wisdom acquired from life experiences. This class will be hosted in a calming space where you’ll sit on cloud-like cushions under a therapeutic skylight. All levels are welcome.