Transcendent Breathwork with Shawna

about this event

Come enjoy healing in community with Transcendent Breathwork, a powerful modern breathing practice. Using evocative music and the breath, I’ll guide you into a mild non-ordinary state of consciousness, allowing you to safely and effectively release trapped emotions and enter into a state of BLISS! Your session will end with healing Reiki, you’ll walk away lighter, clearer, happier and energized.

Breathwork is the easiest and most effective way to awaken your full potential, connect with your true self and improve your mental and physical wellbeing. As you move through the breath you harmonize your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for a deeper state of relaxation where healing can begin. Breathwork also helps you naturally produce and release dopamine and endorphins into your body. These are your happy hormones!!

Through proper breathing, we can strengthen, stimulate and balance the systems fueling our bodies. By establishing a regular breathing practice, you can detoxify your body, boost your immune system, increase your energy levels, reduce anxiety and depression, better manage daily stress levels, sleep more deeply and restoratively, increase brain power for better focus, and work towards more optimal healing of mind, body and spirit.  


Bring a mat and water!

Street Parking Only (***do not park in the Gather spots***). 

Walk through the open gate to enter the class.

A blanket will be available to use.