Tibetan Mantra Healing Retreat

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Tibetan mantra healing has traditionally served as an important, supplementary branch of Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan medicine), complementing other forms of medical treatment. Tibetan healers and yogis have used mantra therapy to assist patients in rebalancing their bodies, minds and emotions to restore health and to boost immunity against potential future disease.

In this five day practice-focused retreat, Drukmo Gyal will introduce the theory Tibetan Mantra healing ༼སྔགས་བཅོས་རིག་པ། ngakchö rigpa), an ancient spiritual practice in which special sounds and words in Sanskrit and Tibetan are used to facilitate physical, energetic and mental transformation. Through the recitation, visualization and inscribing of mantra syllables, practitioners focus their concentration and relax their minds and bodies, entraining their voice, breath, and awareness to create subtle yet profound shifts in being. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ is ‘mind [man] protection [tra]’ and as such, mantra healing can be thought of as an ancient form of psychotherapy, used to protect the mind from different types of suffering and to assist in the cultivation of mental clarity, stability and spiritual insight. 

We will learn how mantras are used for healing in both the Tibetan yogic and medical traditions and receive the transmission and explanation of the uses of a comprehensive ‘Mantra Pharmacy’ which has been practiced for centuries by Tibetan yogis and physicians to address various health concerns.  Students will learn about the forms of spiritual cultivation needed to make the mantras effective and the different ways they can can be used for self-healing. We will accumulate mantras as a group to empower substances like water, oil, and salt which can be used oneself and shared with others. 

Teachings sessions will include a combination of theoretical instruction with group chanting and mantra accumulations, meditation and movement, leaving one feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and empowered to bring more healing into one’s daily life.

Residential guests will be immersed within the healing natural environment of Pure Land Farms, with our Yuthok Ling temple and Medicine Buddha’s Tanaduk Gardens and have opportunities to receive healing therapies in our wellness center.

No prior background in Tibetan medicine is required to attend this course.

This is Level One of a Two Part Training in Mantra Therapy


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Drukmo Gyal (འགྲུག་མོ་རྒྱ) was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into a yogi family where mantra, yoga, and meditation were introduced at a young age. With support from her local Tibetan yogi community and family, she practiced mantras with traditional melodies and in 2008 began singing publicly and touring the world. In 2014 she moved to the West in order to work with Sorig Khang International, one of the largest organizations for Tibetan Medicine in the world, founded by her teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. Since she has been in the West she has produced five albums of Tibetan healing mantras and chants with musicians from all over the world and traveled to over twenty countries to share concerts, public talks, workshops, and courses on mantra, yoga, meditation, and the external healing therapies of Tibetan Medicine. One of the primary focuses of all her activities is to help females to find equality and to help mothers and children to view each other with divinity and compassion through Tibetan spiritual practices