THETA Healing™ Certification – Basic DNA 1

about this event

We all have within us the code to live an abundant life.

However it is often overlaid with negative learning, beliefs, and patterns that limit our experience. It is these concepts that get in the way of living the life we truly want. In this course you will learn how to easily and effortlessly release any limiting experiences and access and activate the code that naturally creates an abundant, happy and joyful life.

Welcome to the world of Theta healing.

During the training, you will be introduced to the basic techniques of a phenomenal healing modality. By learning the science behind the technique you will come to learn the fundamental principles for yourself. You will learn how to rapidly identify and release limiting and disempowering beliefs from the subconscious mind and replace them with empowering replacements for yourself and others.

This ‘hands on’ course will allow you to learn to access your own potential, identify your own beliefs and identify the belief system in others. It will show you how to remove the negative beliefs and replace them with positive and healthy ones in yourself and others.

Other topics and exercises include:

  • How to use the Theta Healing® technique to access the Theta brain wave and connect to the Energy of ‘All That Is’ which exists in all things
  • Why we are always creating in our life and what we can learn from this
  • How to ‘muscle test’ held beliefs and feelings through applied Kinesiology
  • How to identify and instantly change/replace limiting beliefs and feelings on four levels
  • Learning discernment when working with guides and guardian angels
  • An introduction to manifesting the things you would like in your life
  • How to teach yourself new feelings
  • Balancing your moods
  • An introduction to the 7 planes of existence
  • Activate your Youth and Vitality Chromosome and 12 strands of DNA

And more…

Upon completion, you will be certified to practice as a Theta Healing® Practitioner from the official THINK Institute and receive documentation.

Prerequisites: None

Seminar includes: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual


825$ per course / $111 gratis upon sign up for both Basic + Advanced courses .

$188 for all courses including Dig Deeper!

50% non-ref due at registration to hold your place. Remainder due by September 20th.

50% off for existing practitioners to retake courses.

4pm Friday-7pm Sunday

It is strongly recommend by both Erika and myself to take all courses, they are pre-requisites to all other official THETA modules. Especially the first two, as it truly makes a difference to your work and inner landscape, which is why we are offering the discount in service.