THE WILD WOMAN 1-DAY RETREAT (live sound bath included!)

about this event

Unleash the wild woman within!

A vibrant, healing retreat to honor the women before us, embrace our feminine energy and break cycles!

This retreat is designed to connect you to your divine feminine with a focus on your solar plexus and sacral chakra. We’ll dive into a series of practices that include emobodiment, yoga and energy weaving to fuel and liberate your divine feminine, while bringing healing and gratitude to the ancestral women before us. 

We’ll kick off with a powerful, grounding meditation to welcome us into the space and set our intentions. From there, we’ll break out into our journaling workshopwhere we’ll bring awareness to the thoughts and emotions that might be coming up. Next, we’ll move into a guided group practice that will honor those before us and help us to release any ancestral wounds and cycles that are not serving us. This is an extremely powerful part of the retreat to bring awareness to your consciousness, where you can expect to get more clarity on generational cycles that have or might still be holding you back – empowering you to consciously decide for yourself. As you liberate yourself, you will help heal your ancestry and those before you. 

We’ll then transition into the embodiment part of the retreat! Think primal movements, where tulum jungle meets badass new york city woman – propelling you to go inwards and unleash that wild woman within! She is bold, she is raw, she is playful, she is a leader and she is free! We will bring this wild woman to life and unapologetically embody this energy – reminding you of true freedom, which is to live from the inside out! From there, we’ll move into our empowering, goddess yoga flow to infuse more of this energy into our state of being as we flow with intention. 

To bask in all of this soul work and play, we’re going to end with a live sound bath! The sounds of the crystal bowls will wash over reaching every cell in your body. An immerse experience to bring you back home to your truest, most powerful self. You will leave feeling restored, energized and ACTIVATED!

Get ready to unleash the wild woman within!!!

What to expect:

  • Yoga, meditation, journaling + sound healing
  • Embodiment practices
  • Tribe of empowered women
  • Connecting deeper to yourself
  • Feel invigorated, alive and liberated
  • Mats & brunch bites provided

What to bring:

  • Journal + pen
  • Water bottle
  • Your truest self!