The “What’s Wrong with Me?” Workshop

about this event

 “All of life’s conflicts are between letting go or holding on, opening into the present or clinging to the past, expansion or contraction.”- Cheri Huber

Have you ever felt weird, wild, different, odd, broken, unwanted, unlovable, or just plain stuck?

This workshop is going to help you understand why and give you a whole new perspective on what makes you you and why you should be happy!

We’ll unpack where these feelings of shame and confusion come from.

And we’ll transform them into clarity, cohesion and joy!

Stop asking yourself the wrong questions and start asking the RIGHT ONES because you are amazing, and I’m going to prove it to you during this experiential workshop!

This workshop is perfect for you if you are a wildly creative, empathic, HSP, outside-of-the-box thinker.

It’s especially great for souls who are ready to push the limits, break the rules and forge the path to their own future!

It’s gonna be so fun to learn how incredible you are and why the world tricked you into staying small. And you’re going to leave feeling lit up, inspired, joyfully liberated and ready to go make magic again.

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In this workshop, you will…

  • Have deep, juicy discoveries about who you are and why you have struggled in the past so you can let those old stories go
  • You’ll develop a better understanding for the way you function, think and create so you can stop being so hard on yourself
  • You’ll feel excited and inspired again to do what you love and share it with others!

Our Guide 🥰

Katie Kozlowski is an Energy and Embodiment Coach with a passion for creating freedom, transformation and growth.

For the past 11 years, she has been leading the way in the field of self-led healing and has supported hundreds of beautiful souls in breaking free from patterns, pain and struggle.

She is the creator of the transformational method ShaktiBomb™ and her mission is to empower others to create the life they want by leading from the heart.

Katie spent 6 years training with master healer and renowned therapist Derek O’Neill and is a Rising Star practitioner and teacher, Reiki practitioner and holds certification in NLP, EFT and the Mum’s List/ Mindfulness Legacy program.

👀 Here’s what people are saying about working with Katie

“I love working with Katie because she finds ways to help me create the right roadmaps for both my personal life and professional career. We broke through creative blocks, and she helps me feel empowered, which has allowed me to mentor other women in my industry.”

“Thank you Katie for such a powerful breakthrough that didn’t even hurt but instead relieved the angst. I am feeling a brand new level of focus and motivation. I’m soooooooo looking forward to your next workshops and going deeper!”

“My session with Katie was amazing!! Working with her for just 60 minutes opened up doors I didn’t know were there and I had a great breakthrough over the weekend! We hit upon THE THING that I needed to find more JOY, CLARITY and PURPOSE.”

Your Host 😉

Jenner Linden | Renowned Business Coach and the Creatix of The Wild Ones, a membership portal + sacred community for seekers to heal deeper, expand their consciousness, and transform their lives.

Jenner’s approach to life and business is, well… radical. Combining secret business hacks with modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom has helped her (and her clients) create a wildly successful brand that resonates with thousands of people who attend her live events each month.

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