The Unity Photo Project

about this event

The Unity Photo Project is a powerful introduction to an ongoing, multi-medium global art initiative created by Olivia Mae. In collaboration with local LA photographer, Miguel Perez, the first phase of work, The Unity Photo Project, is a visual display of human vulnerability and connection.

By celebrating the human body through color and form, the artists are seeking to bridge the gap between fear and shame in regards to the way we view our bodies, love ourselves, and connect with humanity all around us. Olivia and Miguel are creating art that evokes a change in consciousness by transcending the way we not only view, but value our natural human form. How can we better connect with ourselves and one another? More love, more connection, more UNITY.

Together we heal. Together we grow. Together we change the world.

Join Olivia & Miguel for The Unity Photo Project Phase 1 Show 1 on Thursday, October 10, 2019 from 6- 10 pm, at Evoke Yoga, 731 S. Spring Street, during the DTLA Art Walk. They will be showcasing their work thus far and limited edition archival prints will be available.

As this project continues to evolve, we are reaching out for community support as we continue to scale up and expand upon our vision. We would love to share our project with you and continue to build community.

Through large scale photography, movement performances, and curated connection based events offered around the world, all efforts of this initiative intend to build community and increase connection. Olivia is collaborating with an array of artists, of various mediums, to create art that evocatively increases elemental awareness, human connection, and raises the vibration of our collective consciousness.