The Ultimate Workshop to Using Your Intuition in Business

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if marketing felt fun and — dare you say — easy?It’s possible.

So many of the reasons entrepreneurs hate marketing (and selling!) is because you’re trying to do it someone else’s way.

Marketing is slimy, creeptastic, and manipulative only if YOU are using marketing strategies built by slimy, creeptastic, manipulative people.

But that’s not who YOU are.

You are passionate, dedicated to making the world a better place, and ready to improve your life by growing your income. You can trust you.And because of that, you can trust your intuition.

Discover how easy it is to connect with your community by using your intuition in your marketing

-> Do you know the difference between a “regular” business and an intuitive business?

Using your intuition in business means that you are using an internal guidance system to make decisions in your business.. . . and those decisions impact EVERYTHING, from what program or service you offer to how you market, what your brand looks like, and how comfortable you feel selling. —It’s THAT impactful! 🔥

Join Jasmine Ivy, Intuitive Entrepreneur as she shows us, what she’s shown thousands of other entrepreneurs just like you . . .how to market with YOUR unique intuition!

Love for Jasmine 💃🏻

“I’ve created a life I love. I live every single day on my own terms. I was drawn to Jasmine like a magnet and immediately signed up…I’m right on track to manifest my goal of 250k… and I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do.” — Maeve Stoltz, Enneagram Coach

“This course has made me take an honest look at why I’m pursuing a business. It made me face some things in myself that will block my ability to reach people. It came at the exact right time. There are not enough words for the gratitude I have for this course coming into my life.” — Carrie Head, Coach for Moms

In this free workshop, you will . . .

+ Unlock YOUR intuitive energy⚡️ so you can leverage this in your marketing (and business!)

+ Learn how to effortlessly create a marketing plan ✍🏼 that really works (yes, for real)

+ Establish your “internet home,” which will become your main money-generation 💸 platform

Our Guide

>> Jasmine Ivy is a “recovering” Silicon Valley marketing exec and the founder of Women of Woo, a professional, intuition-based training company for entrepreneurs.On a cold February day a few years ago, Jasmine experienced a (wildly unexpected) spontaneous kundalini awakening that drop-kicked her into the world of the spiritual.Today, she supports entrepreneurs all over the world in building better businesses – businesses built with integrity and intuition.

Your Host

>> Jenner Linden | A Creative Mentor + Founder of The Wild Ones – a community of over 14K humans++ created to expand your awareness of what’s truly possible. Featuring trusted experts, transformative tools, and free virtual workshops that you can access anywhere in the world.

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