The Ultimate Holistic Health Workshop

about this event

The Ultimate Holistic Health Workshop was developed to educate and provide new possibilities in finding solutions for the vast array of health issues that confront our world. As an attendee, you will have an opportunity to speak directly with one or more doctors about any health issues and concerns you may have, as well as experience amazing one on one demonstrations. Each week, for over 30 years, our practitioners have been conducting an open forum Q & A formatted class to answer troubling health questions for those in attendance. That said, the class style is run organically to the flow of the attendees, making each class unique and different depending on the questions asked. Additionally, our expert health practitioners select members from the group and perform demonstrations in one of the practice areas so attendees can experience first hand what we do. We’ve been offering this weekly health workshop with a complimentary light vegetarian dinner for the past 30 years each and every Wednesday. It’s our way of giving you solutions as well as an inside look at who we are at Cohn Health Institute.