The Simple, The Profound. A Breathwork Workshop.

about this event

A breathwork workshop with Holisticism and Eliza Kane.

Discuss the rudimentary physiological benefits of breathwork (yep, the ones that are proven by science) and learn how to use breathwork as a tool to help connect you to the more subtle energies that some might call Angels. This workshop will touch upon the full gamut — realistic to mystic — while also serving as an opportunity for you to experience breathwork first-hand.

This workshop is perfect for you if you are craving a deeper experience of relaxation, vitality and a higher caliber of well-being AND/OR you are craving an experience beyond the day-to-day rat race, because there is a voice within that keeps asking….there has to be more? Not more stuff or information, but more meaning, connection, and purpose.

No prior experience with the breathwork necessary. The environment will be supportive and fun.

This is a virtual workshop — attendees will be able to ask questions in real time and get feedback from Eliza.

Can’t make the virtual event live broadcast? No biggie. All attendees will receive an audio, video, and PDF version of the workshop digitally.

About Eliza Kane:

A writer. A teacher. A healer.

Using breathwork meditation, movement and creative expression, Eliza plays with weaving together the esoteric and the scientific to create experiences for people to connect more deeply to their truth and discover their creative potential.

Through addressing personal triggers, internal stories, suppressed emotions and whatever other shenanigans might be blocking you, the work she shares, supports you in living a more rich and fulfilling life.

While fun, this work will push your capacity for growth and take you to a new level of awareness.

For more information on the work and Eliza, please visit her website at