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The Self Guru Initiation

Taught by Jupiter Soundscape’s Master Teacher Ramona Soriano

This certification course is designed for those who want to deepen their practice of kundalini yoga and would like to teach meditation.  Our collective perception of truth is shifting. Many of us are waking up. Fading away are the days of needing a guru to guide you through your spiritual awakening. It’s becoming less enticing to go to an ashram, or maybe a notion that isn’t attainable with the current world events. The truth is, there’s a universal good power collectively, there’s a realization that many of these leaders we’ve looked up to are imperfect and flawed, and have fallen from grace. With this realization comes an initiation of your own inner guru. What is considered normal somehow shouldn’t apply anymore. We are pioneers of The Age of Aquarius, of the next 2000 years. 

We must be self sufficient in the rising of our kundalini for the Age of Aquarius. But how?The Self Guru Initiation Mastery Course is a guided spiritual journey strategically designed for you to deepen your connection to source. This course is timed auspiciously with the collective shift of consciousness that is happening, the new normal.

We are a universe of universes intertwined within our consciousness, networks, togetherness…which isn’t bound to physical in-person connection. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey…beginning or have years of spiritual work, The Self Guru Initiation is designed to unblock linear components to the rise in your own awakening. NOW is the time to go within and realize your true potential. And this only happens if you give yourself permission to.

Join us on this 6 week course every Saturday 12:30PM – 2:30PM Pacific Time starting January 2, 2021. We meet in-person and there’s an option to meet virtually wherever you are in the world via Zoom. (All classes are recorded for you to watch later! Due to CDC rules, note that the virtual experience will always be an option.) NOW is the time to start the year by empowering yourself to lead the next generation of meditators. The shift begins with you.

Lead by master teacher Ramona Soriano, you’ll learn meditation techniques and spiritual practices derived from a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques on how to awaken the guru within. Throughout history, masters and spiritual leaders have had these downloads that are accessible within you. You are the guru. You will practice the why behind which will activate that which is already there, that which is dormant and ready to wake up. These practices you will learn are contemplative, creative, emotional, and playful.

Guru is a word in Gurmukhi which simply means to bring the darkness into the light. Spiritual strength is of most importance during a time where we are present to see a global shift in consciousness during our lifetime.

Week 1:


-Intro to modern kundalini yoga for the changing times.

-Intro to 40 day self activation meditation.


-Current events and why it matters.

Week 2:

-Restructuring perception of spirituality.

-Community and connection.

Week 3:

-Owning the imperfect thoughts and actions as a spiritual leader.

-Anger and it’s ties to entities. Regain you power. When others make you so angry, they have power over you.

-Trauma Transmutation Digital Ceremony to Awaken Your Deepest Self Love

Week 4:

-Heal generational trauma

-Forgiveness exercises

-Clear energy vampires, can be others or habits of self.

-Death positivity – shifting our collective relationship to the unknown.

Week 5:

-The power of trust and faith

-Prayer, dogma free.

Week 6:


-Self guru initiation ceremony.

Remember, you are always a student. As times shift, so will these teachings. Impermanence and non-attachment will allow immense growth on the behalf of your highest self.

About Ramona: 

Ramona utilizes Meditation and Sound to raise the frequency of consciousness for the beginning and advanced meditator alike. Classically trained in piano, her understanding of music theory gives way to a unique sound experience that’s a balance of the linear and non-linear. Before she became a yogi, Ramona owned an agency in NYC and lived a completely different life. Her ability to truly understand the many challenges associated with western ways instills an honest understanding for the modern-day yogi and spiritual seeker.

She first found Kundalini Yoga in 2003, and completed the 200-hour teacher training in 2016. She trained under Gong Master Richard Rudis and is also a certified Holographic Sound Healer 1 and 2 studying under Dr. Paul Hubbert, and Reiki Healer 1 and 2.

Ramona offers kundalini yoga, guided meditation, sound healing, spiritual business development to the LA area and worldwide.