The Secrets of Conscious Parenting

about this event

 Learn how to create a home environment for you and your children that promotes peace and calm. Join Carey Davidson, author of The Five Archetypes, for a personal and shared exploration of how earth’s five natural elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) intersect in parenting. The five elements correspond to personality types and there is a unique blend in each of us.  

Please take the quiz. before the event and have your children take it as well. Your results will be emailed to you along with some links for basic insights into your profiles. 



  • Manage the conflicting and competing needs of multiple kids
  • Predict what environmental and behavioral factors create more and less aggression and aggravation in the household
  • Apply the Five Archetypes method for effective problem solving
  • Create the study environment that best fits each of your children
  • Establish successful
    • Morning routines
    • Meal times
    • Snack times
    • Play times
    • Break times
    • Work times
    • Weekend routines
    • Study times
    • Bed times