The Resolution Revolution: Rock and Rule Your 2022

about this event

Set your Intentions. Reach your Goals. Rock and Rule your 2022.

Who are we kidding…resolutions SUCK.

800 million promised activities (mostly fitness related!) get trashed by…have a seat… JANUARY 14TH. AKA Quitter’s Day.

Aren’t we about done with being a bad stat? 

This New Year, may the only ball that drops be in Times Square. 

Join us in this narrative-changing, no-holds-barred workshop with none other than HG co-founder and vice chair, the BUT-kicking Beth Handel, and leave inspired to create your action plan for 2022 and ensure its success, no matter what. 

In this eye-opening workshop we will:

  • Dare you to design your 2022 dreams 
  • Bust the excuses standing in your way 
  • Teach you not only how to make a resolution promise, but keep it

You will walk away (from your screen) with a new perspective, a proud-worthy personal plan for 2022, and the tools to cause the change you want most. 

They don’t call it the year of the Tiger for nothing. You coming? 

Set your intentions. Reach your goals. Rock and Rule your 2022.