The Reloveution Retreat

about this event


Taking place September 16-18, 2022 in Union Township, NJ, the Reloveution Retreat is an intimate weekend retreat experience for mid- to senior level career professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who are feeling burnt out, lost in or confused by transition, or in need of a meaningful and strategic break from the “real world”.

Through this experience and by purposefully stepping away from the daily grind with a powerful community of like-hearted humans, our participants can expect to reconnect with their purpose and passions to learn, refresh, heal, ground, set intentions, and reloveutionize their life and work. 

Rooted in the power of joy and human connection, we are here to create a safe and sturdy space for you to land, do deep soul work, and lean into the human being you were born to be (even if you don’t know who that person quite is right now). 

Your time is valuable and precious, and we don’t want you to waste a minute of it. Our programming is therefore specifically tailored to the needs, desires, and preferences of the people who register.

Looking to reset?

This space is for you.

Looking to center and find grounding?

This space is for you.

Looking to explore new possibilities for your life and/or work?

This space is for you.

Looking to be surrounded by inspirational energy and extraordinary humans?

This space is for you.

Just want to get away from your kids or spouse for a weekend? 

This space is DEFINITELY for you.

Generally our programming includes community gatherings, workshops, outdoor adventures, mindfulness activities, and ample free time for exploring and reflecting. But no matter what we DO, we seek to meet each of our incredible participants where they are (wherever and however they are) and to support their progress toward living a balanced, enriching, authentic, and soul-affirming life on their own terms.


At past retreats, we have focused on topics like:

Healing from and preventing burnout

Rediscovering self, including values, purpose, strengths, and gifts

Aligning self to goals and dreams and intentions for the future

Work-life integration and setting healthy professional boundaries

  • Boundaries and self-advocacy
  • Cultivating mindfulness and grounding practices
  • Professional identity and the intersection of life and work
  • Elevating or progressing in career
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing change and ambiguity
  • Leadership skills and formation

If any of these areas feel important to where you are in your journey (or there are other things you’re seeking that are aligned), PLEASE join us!