The Radical Real Empowerment Workshop

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Living in Authentic Alignment: A Women’s Workshop for Empowered Manifestation

How would your life change if you stopped settling for less than you’re worth, and started setting the standard for more of what you desire and deserve?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you struggle to get what you want?

Do you really want to get out of the job that you hate?

To feel clearer on how to take the best next steps?

To feel the momentum build?

Do you really want to leave the toxic relationship?

Do you want to feel more in love with your body?

Do you want more money?

More time?

More space to just be?

Do you want to feel less concerned about what everyone else wants for you?

Do you want to be able to breathe knowing you’re on the right path,

that you can have what you want,

and that there’s nothing getting the way?

If you feel stuck, drained, scared, confused and unsure how to get out of your own way,

or if you’re just tired of settling..

Then this workshop is going to give you the precise forumula for how to

1. Step into your true potential and

2. Shed what no longer serves you

so you can

3. Stop settling for less


4. Start setting the standard for MORE

We’ll gather at 5:30pmPST, and spend some time orienting to each other and the space. Dr. Rachel will offer her unique roadmap for how to step into your true potential through shedding what no longer serves you. She’ll teach on the portals through which we cultivate high self-worth, and how to use the power of conscious belief to empower ourselves to call in what we want. We’ll work with the energetics of belief, and uncover and unblock limiting ones.

To learn more, find Dr. Rachel’s work at or at

Dr. Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who empowers women all over the world to step into their true potential by shedding what no longer serves them. Over the past 10 years, she’s supported hundreds of women to free themselves from perfectionistic standards, relieve themselves from anxiety, enrich their relationships and call in healthy partnerships, jobs, and communities. Dr. Rachel doesn’t just use psychological principles, she holistically helps women tap into the deepest parts of their soul’s calling while equipping them with skills and strategies for navigating the human condition. She guides this transformation through the Numinous Path, her 4 step modality of liberation, integration, and elevation. Dr. Rachel invites the exploration of subconscious programs that keep so many women perpetually and unnecessarily stuck in patterns that dissatisfy and devastate them. She’s worked devotedly in the field since 2006, earning 2 master’s degrees and a doctorate. Dr. Rachel learns from and dialogues with some of the top healers and teachers in the world on nonviolent communication, mindfulness, meditation and the feminine mystery.