THE MIRROR 02.02 2020 Negative + Negative = Positive | CBD-infused Yoga

about this event

We reflect on ourselves to access the power of 0202 2020. With Pluto in deep action for 2020, this is the year we face the shadow self to thrive into the light. @lisasdharma and @kundalini_soul join forces to bring you a CBD yoga session complete with meditation, breath work, and a deep relaxing extended sound bath with crystal bowls and gong. We calm the mind so we have the agility to face the world ahead as our highest self.

Journey with @lisasdharma of @nhanpharm and @kundalini_soul Sunday 02.02 2020 1PM – 4PM to see the true self. Energy exchange: $55


[C]hill plant medicine.


[D]ivine healing vibes.