The HeartSpeak Empowerment School for Young Women

about this event

An Inner Education Program for Young Women’s Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health. 

The HeartSpeak Empowerment Program is seven weeks of inner education where you’ll learn the skills to embody and express your highest potential by studying and applying practical tools and modalities to help you navigate life with more ease, resilience, and confidence.

Visit for the full empowerment curriculum details! 

HeartSpeak’s live class takes place every Saturday morning 10:00 am PST starting Saturday August 20th — October 1st. And yes, there will be recordings in case you have to miss one.

Module 1: EQ and Emotional Agility

Module 2: Shifting Limiting Beliefs

Module 3: Meditation and Breathwork with Sara Hopman.

Module 4: Embodiment with Elisa Rose

Module 5: Self Care: Boundaries, Stress + Biohacking with Kerri Van Arsdale

Module 6: Sexuality, Consent, Pleasure

Module 7: Financial Literacy + Empowerment

HeartSpeak is a live experience — a lot like a transformative retreat. One you can do from home in your coziest sweats. 🙂