The Feast Fulfillment Circle

about this event


The Feast is all about fulfillment and these circles bring together leaders to empower that in each other.

Each circle is an intimate and curated cohort of 5 people who meet once a week for 1 month for a peer-coaching experience. Part mindfulness, part mastermind, this experience offers the space for reflection on what fulfillment looks like for each person, what actions would serve to make this sense of fulfillment a reality in your life, and the sharing of the incredible wealth of knowledge, presence and resources we have to help each other succeed. 

Each sessions meets virtually and builds on the other, creating deep bonds and moving you forward in community on your path toward a life that is deeply nourishing. Whether you’re wanting support in the realms of work, relationship, or life in general, this group will help off the space, accountability and support we all need in life. 

What to expect in a group session: 

  • Curated prompts that facilitate reflection and reflection, insight  
  • Exercises that help prioritize and surface action from a place of deep knowing  
  • Reflection of our best and whole self from a community of peers 
  • Sharing of support, wisdom and resources from peers
  • Energetic practices & meditations that leverage our collective intention for each other’s fulfillment 

At the end of each month, cohort members have the option to recommit to a follow-on month together. 

Through the power and practice of generosity, group manifestation, and tangible support, we’ll explore how to live more fully in a community of like-hearted peers. Join us. 

 Time Commitment: 

1 month, once a week (1.5 hour sessions each week)

I ask that if you join, you commit to attend every session (barring an emergency) for the sake of your fellow cohort members 


$25 per group session, $100 total 

(I am open to trades and other offers if finances are a challenge for you at this time) 

*This is a curated group experience and by application/invitation-only. Please contact for more information