The Digital Redirect: Breathwork for Facing the Unknown with Maryam Ajayi

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CCG Presents: The Digital Redirect – live streamed gatherings every Thursday – Sunday that cultivate health, calm, presence, education, joy and connection.

The DR. series shares wisdom from conscious experience creators who have had to cancel or postpone upcoming events. We invite you to take a break from traditional media paradigms and shift your energy into light by supporting yourself, your community, and these offerings in the comfort of your own space.

Join Energy Healer and Entrepreneur Maryam Ajayi for a workshop designed to help you use the power of your breath to transform stress, anxiety, and fear into faith, hope, and inner peace.

During times of the unknown, it’s so important for us to personally and as a collective, it’s important we gather tools in our self-care practices that help us stay grounded, balanced, and most important open to face what’s next—even if we don’t have the answers. Breathwork can been a powerful tool to help to just that.

In this workshop we will gather to learn tools for grounding, participate in a group Breathwork ceremony and build community in the face of the unknown.


  • A guided workbook will be provided for the workshop, no need to print this out and you can write your reflections in a journal, so please bring one, along with something to write with.
  • You will want have a yoga may or blankets to lay down on. And, if you have an eye mask, it might be nice to have close by.
  • Create a sacred and safe space for yourself. Smudge and clear your area if you can. You can have crystals, sentimental items, an ancestral alter, etc.—basically whatever you feel called to have with you on our journey.

See more at @maryamajayi

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