The Cultural Conversation Workshop

about this event

 You are invited to join Breathwork Facilitators & Mentors: Harsha Sosa & Karishma Donde as they kick off their Cultural Conversation Series: A workshop & discussion exploring cultural identity.

Grab some snacks and drinks because we’re going deep!

This is a personal development and connection workshop focused on the goals of transparency, awareness, acceptance, breakthroughs and letting go. A safe place to get the cultural conversation started! 

We will be talking about our identities, cultures, the expectations, the guilt, what makes us happy–the good, the bad, the ugly in a safe container.

By getting the conversation started and speaking our truths out loud it allows us to connect deepest and most human parts of ourselves.

This Cultural Conversation Workshop integrates discussion, journaling, dancing, intuitive movement, breathwork and group sharing to re-discover and deepen our relationships with ourselves & each other.

This workshop is specifically created as a fun and safe environment for us to openly discuss all THE THINGS!

Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can get settled. We will start promptly at 1pm. Bring an open heart, a pen, journal, mat & blanket.

We will use our time together to explore, conversate, discuss and share topics like:

·  What is Your Story?

·  Understanding self judgement, inner critic, core needs and more!

·  Fear, Shame & Joy

·  The Cost of Unawareness

·  And More

Walk away from this workshop with the ongoing and open invitation to step closer towards yourself in your daily life.

Wear whatever is comfortable because we will be moving, laying down… doing all the things.