The 21 Day Breath Challenge

about this event

Shed weight emotionally, physically, energetically.

Take the next 21 Days to free ourselfs of accumulated baggage that drains our energy, makes us feel heavy or stuck.

All takes are 2 minutes a day!

From July 25 to August 14

During he 21 Days I guide you to do ONE ritual a day that is light & fun so it can easily become part of your already existing routine and help you to feel energetically empowered and aligned in your mind and body. You will be able to :

  • release stress & overwhelm
  • gain core strength 
  • shed emotional, physical & energetic weight 
  • update your nutritional dos and donts 
  • release tightness in your body
  • improve your posture & boost your immune system
  • to feel good in your body for the summer & beyond!

What’s the Process?

  • Sign up and receive instant access to the community chat 
  • Get the course menu prior the launch date
  • Set yourself up for success 
  • Connect with everyone in the community 
  • During the challenge we will go through all the steps together. 
  • Ask unlimited questions in the group chat and get coached by Abi & Carrie