about this event

The love affair of sound and silence. Can you hear it? Can you feel its healing power? The sound of silence, and the silence in the sound.

Kat Bambul and I invite you to this special event of tea ceremony, silence and sound healing.

Tea Ceremony will be served by Lera in silence and yet there is a sound within it – the sound of kettle boiling, of the steam, the sound of water pouring, of bowls placed back on the floor, of everyone’s gentle movement as they lean to pick up the served bowls of tea.

We will listen to the silence within, between each breath, between each bowl.

Kat will do the sound healing with the ancient Himalayan bowls, asian temple bowls and crystal singing bowls. Kat hears the whispers of the spirits of the bowls, using only ancient bowls for that reason.

It will be deep, magical and healing.

We cannot wait to do this journey with you.



I have known Kat for many many years – ever since I started my own Tea Journey 10 years ago. And throughout all this time she has been holding tea ceremonies and doing sound healing events and private sessions. Hand I always loved her deep commitment to the Path of Awakening, of Presence, her deep integrity, ethics, honesty and humbleness. She has been training with the tantric master Daniel Odier in Kashmir Shaivism tradition, with the Siberian shaman and with some of the very well known sound healers such as Frank Perry. Her own deep listening abilities allow her to truly hear the spirits of the bowls and commune with them, and for that reason she only uses ancient bowls as the spirit presence is so palpable in those.

Kat’s website is https://soundmysterium.com



Lera has been a devoted practitioner of the Leaf for many years. For centuries, Tea in the form of Chadao Practice has been used by Daoist Sages and Buddhist Monks for alchemy and transformation. Lera holds sacred spaces with the Medicine of Tea in Chadao tradition of Global Tea Hut, facilitating journeys from the head to the heart, to the intimacy of life itself. Tea as a sacred plant medicine creates this space for us to drop into the heart and just be. Her work also involves Vortex Energy Healing and Presence practices