Tea and Sound Evening Experience

about this event

All senses are involved in Tea appreciation, experience presence and connect with the moment listening to sound vibrations while grounding yourself through the magic of Tea!

A special evening sit with Kristina Clark and Vanessa Lamb hosted by GGrippo at Puerh Brooklyn. 

Tea meditation offers the chance to re-connect with your self, others and All through the medicine of Tea and Silence. Sit with us in person in our private tea room to listen to the pulse of the Universe that resonates within you. This tradition, formulated from ancient Chinese rituals of Tea aims to make Tea accessible and universal, including everybody that feels a resonance with the Way of Tea. Reserve a spot to experience the calm-alertness effects of Tea drinking in meditation along new and old friends.

Vibrational sounds have a deep impact on our well-being, from ancient times we have connected to the essential with sounds and songs. Join the original sound experience created with a gong, crystal and brass bowls by a trained and talented sound artist.