Taste of Tantra

about this event


This is a very basic introduction to Tantra, both eastern and western. You will get a quick overview of Tantra and then engage some simple activities to dip your toes into some energizing tantric practices.

Come with a partner or come solo.

This is also a place to meet potential partners if you choose to come to future events and engage in partnered practices.

What will you learn?

A breif overview of:

Classical Tantra

Neo Tantra

White, Pink and Red Tantra


How to create a sacred space for co-creation with a partner or with the Universe!

Raising energy through the breath

Moving energy through the inner flute of the seven chakras

All in all, this is a very relaxing and fun event. Come with an open mind, and explore yourself; body-mind-spirit in a whole new way. You will leave energized and blissful.