Tarot Readings with Shin from The Sankofa Effect

about this event

Join us Sunday from 12-6pm for Tarot Energy Readings with Shin from The Sankofa Effect. Tarot Energy Readings are a bit different to traditional tarot readings. With traditional tarot readings, the literal meanings of the cards are used to describe your current situation. However, with Tarot Energy Readings, your energy selects the cards that provides you with the messages that your higher self wishes for you to know. Using an array of sensitivities from clairaudience to clairsentience, Shin is your personal tour guide to help you decipher your energy field and aura. Each individual has their own unique energy field, so no two readings are ever alike.

Readings range from $23.23 to $120.

Come sip on a golden milk, matcha, or cacao while you recieve guidance from Source.