TAP INTO TAROT Group Moon Reading a EFT Tapping with Luke Light

about this event

Join Khora x Luke Light online as we bring awareness to the energies of the moon phases, using a combined practice of intuitive Tarot Reading and EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). These tools are intended to assist with embodied mindfulness, moving unprocessed energy through the body to be released.

Mindful Tarot Reading provides an opportunity to reflect on our journeys with expanded awareness, while EFT Tapping works with the nervous system to take us out of fight/flight/freeze, inviting in spaciousness, self-empowerment, and fearless creative flow.

To begin the session, we will use a tarot deck or other card reading modality to reflect on the energy of the current moon phase with mindful awareness. Luke will provide insight into the visuals and wording of the information, channeling the energy of the moon phase, ourselves, and the cards, to help frame the session in a way we can identify key themes, before moving into the tapping process.

During the EFT Tapping Session (Emotional Freedom Technique) the group will be guided through a self-delivered acupressure practice that aims to move the body from the fight, flight, or freeze response into a state of calm, open awareness while stimulating the electrical currents on the nervous system to move unprocessed emotional energy through the body to be released.

As we tap on various points of the body, we will set intentions for the practice, which often reflect moving into greater self-empowerment, creativity, and flow.

During this process, you might experience a physical release, such as yawning, burping, shivering, laughing, or crying. It is therefore important that you find a comfortable, private space for the session, with a drink of water at hand to maintain hydration.

**As this is a group practice, you do not need to have your camera on during the session. Please mute your microphone throughout, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end**

These sessions are delivered for educational purposes and intend to provide an insight into how Tarot & EFT Tapping can support our physical, mental, and emotional well-being as part of a routine energy balancing practice.

“Our last group session was incredibly helpful and shed so much light on what I needed to work on next, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”