Taking Care : Pillars for Re-Creation, Circularity + Self Care

about this event

The past two years have been a tsunami of uncertainty leaving most of us feeling disconnected, tired and burned out. In a way, we’re like little groundhogs peeking up from our underground tunnels, inspecting the surface, looking for anything familiar or feeling good. Needless to say, the ways in which we take care of ourselves probably need evaluating + attending.

While self-care can absolutely include a trip to the nail spa, there are likely more deep layers of us that need regular care and attention.

In this 55 minute free webinar, you’ll learn —

  • the limiting beliefs + stories that keep you from taking better care
  • why it’s important to have a more holistic system of self care into your life + how to get started
  • the value of creativity in feeding our self-renewal
  • and permaculture truths for a more replenished, bountiful life
  • why upgraded self care is not optional during uncertain times

The stress, pressure and exhaustion of holding it all together, keeping everything going and making it work has taken a toll.

Your life carries a Promise, a Story — something about magic, awe, healing, and radical love for yourself, for others, and this beautifully wild world. It’s time that our self-care reflected these deeper truths and helped us be more resilient, alive and at peace in a world full of change and uncertainty. Aligning with creation, circularity and deep care helps you keep your promises to yourself about who you want to BE; and that promise deserves to be kept.

This event is hosted + facilitated by grace allerdice — astrologer, holistic business coach, artist + mystic.

Join us on March 18 at Noon ET/ 9:00a PT for this free 55 minute webinar. Register here to attend LIVE and/or get the replay.