about this event

A sound bath is a musical journey with potent healing power.  

The body’s absorption of harmonic frequencies is similar to the nourishment it receives from food. Sound is not just heard with the ears; it is felt with every sense and absorbed on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Nada means vibration. The practice of Nada Yoga explores the vibratory origin of creation by cultivating deep listening and receptivity to currents of sound that exist in our bodies and our universe…

During a sound bath, singing bowls, gongs, bells, chimes, voice, and other musical instruments nurture us with powerful, positive vibrations.

Harmonic resonance has a profound effect on the cells, organs, tissues, as well as the circulatory, metabolic and endocrine systems. Sound bathing vitalizes these systems with sound’s medicinal nutrients.

Moon phase, season, time of day, direct surroundings and group energy inspire the composition of this deeply meditative communion with rhythm and resonance. Beginning with a group meditation + vocal toning practice to cultivate communal awareness and honest listening, we welcome the amazing power of sound to transform, heal and inspire!