Sustainable Wellness a Workshop to Connect Back to Your Body

about this event

Autumn is fast approaching + we are setting the stage for the energetic changes of the season ahead.

This is the perfect time to disrupt your diet mindset and be empowered around your food choices.

Take your life back and reclaim your health.

Shifting into Virgo energy has many of us feeling the urge to get back into balance in our bodies.

We are resonating with creating better systems that work for us.

If you want to establish new habits and make sustainable changes you need new tools and the mindset to make it happen.

Sustainable Wellness

Our relationships with our bodies + wellness can often be colored by . . .

-> Generational or ancestral wounds

-> Conditioning from our childhood

-> Loss, trauma, or grief

When we get to the root cause, we can begin again on a healthy foundation.

This free workshop with a health coach and author Samm Coffin is your invitation to begin the healing process.

Love for Samm

“Samm is the most energetic, caring health partner you could ever want! She is committed to supporting you and your goals in a judgment-free environment while also not being afraid to invite you to expand your horizons and step outside your box. Can’t say enough great things, highly recommended!” — Jessica

“Samm has a wealth of knowledge and a serious passion for all things wellness. She always has a recipe to try with solid reasoning as to why that recipe would be beneficial for my nutritional needs (GF, carb sensitive sister with a history of inflammation right here). Samm recognizes that every individual needs something different. I can’t recommend The Wellness Rewind highly enough!” — Katelin

In this free workshop, we will discuss . . .

-> Basic Wellness Needs of Our Bodies

-> Exploring + Setting New Intentions

-> Creating Sanctuary + Ritual

-> The Empowering Benefits of Elimination Protocols

Our Guide

>> Samm Coffin is a health + wellness coach empowering you to disrupt diet culture + sustainably end your cycle of symptoms.

She believes everyone should be able to take their lives back + reach their optimal health in a much shorter time than she did.

After 20 years of struggles + three chronic illness diagnoses, Samm is thriving + so can you! 

Your Host

>> Jenner Linden | A Creative Mentor + Founder of The Wild Ones – a community of over 14K humans++ created to expand your awareness of what’s truly possible. Featuring trusted experts, transformative tools, and free virtual workshops that you can access anywhere in the world.

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