SURRENDER + TRUST: Restorative Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop

about this event

Join Claudia and Jessica for a one of a kind experience using Restorative Yoga, Acupuncture, and Meditation to support you as you practice the art of surrendering. Unclutter your mind, create space for self-reflection, and learn to trust yourself. In this 2-hour workshop, you can expect to unwind, release stress, and learn techniques to help you to stop resisting and pushing against reality.

After a meditation and breathwork practice, you will be guided through a profoundly therapeutic restorative yoga practice, during which you will receive a needling session. Even if you have no experience with acupuncture or restorative yoga, this workshop is perfect for anyone that wants to tap into the energy of surrender and let go of the energy to control. Combining Acupuncture and Restorative Yoga will help you to access a much deeper state of meditation and relaxation. And by receiving acupuncture in a group setting, we support the health of all who are present through community collective consciousness.