Support Group for Mothers of ADHD Children

about this event

This is a group lead for, and by Mom’s. Create friendships, and share resources, and find support to feel empowered raising ADHD kids.

About this Event

This workshop invites you to come together and meet moms facing the unique needs and daily challenges and the daily demands of raising children with ADHD.

ADHD Mothering pulls our energy in many directions, can be demanding and at times overwhelming, and isolating. Our needs and time for self care is too often put to the bottom of the mile long to do list. Advice from well meaning family & friends, often doesn’t ring true or work with our special kids.

That is why I created this group.

I am Elissa Sydor, and I am a mom of a child with ADHD. I also have ADHD. As a new mother I yearned for Mom’s to turn to for guidance, wisdom, understanding about the parenting challenges I was facing. I found most of my friends, while good hearted, just didn’t understand my situation and why things that worked for them weren’t for me. I was lucky my child was diagnosed early, and when I found other mothers with ADHD in their homes I felt supported, understood and received the type of advice, strategies, tips and resources for the challenges I faced. Connecting with these mothers was also wonderfully nourishing to my soul – to have been finally understood and supported in my daily parenting challenges, I found strength and a feeling of being empowered as a parent.

So if your a mom with ADHD in your home, you are welcome to join us! Share your wisdom, ask your questions & gain valuable insights, make some friends and refill your energetic cup!

Elissa Sydor is also Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner & Life Coach. Following the 60 minute Group Discussion, she will lead a 30 minute Restorative Yoga & Reiki Balancing Practice to end the meeting with nourishing self-care.

Leave feeling rejuvenated, rested, and supported by moms who really get what your experiencing. Bring your best mothering energy home for your family.

By signing up for this event I acknowledge that while this support group is meant to be supportive, it is not meant to be diagnostic, or offering medical advice. Elissa is not a therapist, or a medically trained doctor.

To learn more about Elissa, visit her website at