Stress Relief And Letting Go Of The Emotions Of The Past – A Self Love Work

about this event

The Third of our Monthly Workshop Series with Charmaine Hamp (no need to have attended previous events)

     This month marks the the 1 year anniversary of the Woolsey fire – so we are focusing this workshop on tools to destress and let go of emotions from the past.

   If stress is running your life it is impossible to level up your own vibration and feel good. Everything feels like it’s coming at us at lightening speed and we feel overwhelmed and unhappy. Our adrenals get fatigued and we can’t get ahead. Do you feel like you have the stamina to live effortlessly from the heart? In this workshop we will learn the most effective ways to eliminate stress and release it completely. Thus bringing the nervous system back to the parasympathetic state of relaxation. This takes us out of the sympathetic, fight or flight response of the cells.

You will learn a simple meditation you can do everyday to combat stress and fatigue. We will pinpoint what is creating the stress and some of the coping methods that we unconsciously use to combat it. I will also take you on a deep healing journey where all you have to do is relax with an ancient practice called Yoga Nidra. It will flood your cells with so much love and healing and you will leave with the tools to feel lighter and loved. We will also hold space for healing for all those who lost their homes and business’s as Malibu remembers and recovers from the devastation of the fires one year ago.

About your Guide: 

Charmaine Hamp is the founder of LOVE ALCHEMY Life Coaching.  She is a Kundalini/Meditation Yoga Instructor, a motivational speaker that teaches Self-Love workshops in L.A. as well as a HypnoBirthing® Coach/Doula, inspiring beautiful, inspiring, often pain-free births. 

She has recently released her Best-selling co-authored book, “Dear Time, are you on my Side.”  It investigates the subject of Time and trusting you are always exactly where you need to be.