Stoned Yoga presented by The Wavvy Cloud

about this event

The Wavvy Cloud and The York Manor

present an evening of wellness, cannabis and community.

The York Manor doors open at 6:30pm

Highland Park Cannabis Club at 7:00pm

Cannabis conversation-style panel at 7:15pm

Stoned Yoga in the back yard at 8:00pm

Cannabis consumption optional. 21+ event

Using cannabis products to turn our attention to how we feel in our body and mind allows us to go a little deeper into our practice. Students are given the opportunity to consume CBD/THC products followed by a guided meditation and body scan to help them “land” on their mat. Deep stretching and restorative movement brings space into the body to relieve physical pain, tightness and stress that gets stored in the connective tissue and fascia. This practice is a journey into the body and back out again where on the other side we feel more connected to ourselves which allows us to be more compassionate to those around us.

About The Wavvy Cloud:

The Wavvy Cloud is a lens through which we can view the world and see the kindness that surrounds us. Some days that kindness is easier to see than others and on those days we have compassion for ourselves and the people around us. It’s in those moments that the The Wavvy Cloud becomes a place that gives us an opportunity to practice being the most authentic version of ourselves and let our freak flag fly.