Stewardship of the Self ~ Somatic Inquiry Practice

about this event

Join Inner Tide on Tuesday, October 4th for a workshop on stewardship of the self through a guided somatic inquiry practice.

Dr. Whitney McFadden will guide us through an inquiry process and somatic experience to discover what might be present in our inner world that we’re not conscious of right now. 

Knowing the deeper aspects of ourselves can help guide our life with more intention and greater awareness, and bring us toward people, places, and experiences that serve us as we serve others.

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About Inner Tide:

Tides are what move us. Cyclical, ever-changing forces, seen and unseen, marking the waves of time.

Inner Tide is an online monthly membership where we come together to explore the rhythmic tides of the universe and deepen our relationship with the fundamental life force that connects us all. With the seasons, and each changing month as our temporal foundation, we explore the cycles of the year and the various ways they impact and correspond to our shifting inner landscape.

Seasons, as a form of tides, are one of the most ancient tools humans have used to deeply and innately connect us to nature, ourselves, the collective, and the profound mystery of human life on earth. Living in harmony with the seasons is a deeply nourishing act and something that has been a practice of our ancestors – all over the world – for millennia.

Each month we will dive into the energetics of the month and the season we are in, deepening our understanding of the time of year and its relationship to each of us and the collective. We will also explore “The Wheel of the Year” which holds the Celtic-based holidays where the summer & winter solstices, and spring & autumn equinoxes are the four major turning points throughout the year. 

Every morning we will gather virtually to explore and develop a morning practice, experimenting with new techniques and inquiring within as we expand our relationship with ourselves. Weekly guest teachers will share their wisdom and knowledge on a wide range of topics, inviting us to dive into the body, mind, and spirit from unique vantage points. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are cornerstones of our exploration, as we learn from practitioners of culinary arts, nutrition, herbalism, meditation, mindfulness, creativity, expression, and beyond. 

Through each month’s exploration of various modalities, practices, traditions, and ideas, our intention is to strengthen and develop the relationship between the external and the internal. As we develop this relationship and our connection to the natural world, we also begin to tune in, listen to, and truly honor our own inner tide.