Spring Refresh

about this event

Ready to Spring Clean?

Join us for our annual Ghost Flower Spring Refresh!

This is our version of a gentle cleanse to energize, support the liver and prep our body for spring! 

What to Expect:

When the challenge begins, participants will receive daily emails with:

-Flexible eating guide + recipes 

-7 days of Fascia Flossing class (45mins) + Daily Efficient Floss on IG Live (5-15 mins)

-Daily Acupressure Tutorials 

-Special events and guest speakers (including Feng Shui workshop, cooking class, live panels, and chats about herbalism and skin health)

-Guided meditations and activities designed to cultivate your WOOD element.

Why Refresh:

In gardens, as well as in many religious and healing traditions, Spring brings renewal, renaissance, and refreshing rejuvenation. Many aspects of cleansing suggest a quiet, semi-private endeavor, a moment when we come up against challenge, in a way that invites self-reflection. 

It’s all about Wood: 

According to Balance Acupuncture: “In Chinese Medicine theory, the Wood element belongs to the Spring season and its related meridian system pair is the Liver and Gallbladder. Together, these organs are responsible for the smooth flow of qi and blood in the body and regulates emotions. They are our “first responder” channels to the stresses in our lives. The Wood element teaches us about flexibility and adaptability.“

Spring makes for a great time to support our Liver and Gallbladder – or your Wood element. 

Clear the Path:

This is not about deprivation, but about renewing post winter hibernation! As the trees are beginning to green, and sprouts thrust vigorously toward the light, we can re-root our intentions for how we want to feel this spring. Our food and movement choices, our exploration of the WOOD Element meridians and super-helpful acupressure points, can reveal insights for Spring and beyond.