Earth Day Four Elements Circle + Ritual

about this event

Celebrate Earth Day with connection, meaning, and love.  

Much of our dissociation with nature and inaction in addressing climate change is because we lack a spiritual connection with Mother Earth. Our ancestors lived in connection, in the rhythm of earth, and prayed daily with ritual.  But today, almost all of us are orphans to the land. We are disconnected from ancient tradition – those our ancestors knew and lived, in a time when life depended on connection to earth; hunting, gathering, farming. 

Rituals have been performed for centuries across all religions, cultures and traditions to bring the sacred into the mundane, to honor earth’s cycles and to manifest good fortune. In virtual circle on Earth Day, we will learn more about ritual and how we can use it to bring mindfulness into our day and how it can bring more clarity, intentionality and presence to any area of your life. And we will tap into the power of the The Four Elements ritual to rekindle our connection to the planet and to raise the vibration on Earth.    The Four Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the four elements found in everything on Earth, including ourselves, and they are what keep us alive.  Without any one, there would be no life.   The Four Elements are considered the critical energy forces that created and sustain life.  They are both real elements of life – and symbolic metaphors for it.  The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was the first to theorize about the four elements in 450 BCE. They are part of the building blocks of modern astrology, and are still honored today in many spiritual practices from Hinduism, Hatha Yoga, Buddhism, Indigenous cultures, Kabbala and of course today in Paganism and Wicca.

Now more than ever, we need rituals that build connection and community. We need daily practices that reconnect us to nature, wonder, purpose, and curiosity — but modern culture has taken away much of the spiritual self-authority that each one of us can reclaim. Practicing ritual can drop you into a profoundly sacred place — grounding you and elevating your consciousness down to the very cellular level.  

Please come to the ritual with: 

1) A Journal and pen

2) Something small/personal from your altar or neighborhood representing each of the four elements.  


-AIR = feather or lichen

-FIRE = candle

-WATER = a small bowl or vial from a body of water outside, or if that’s unavailable from or your tap (consider making moon water! )

-EARTH =a special rock, crystal, seeds, pine cones, etc.  

We need ritual. It connects us to source, to the planet to each other. It’s our heritage. Suggested donation of $25.00, but no one is turned away. Together we’ll heal communities, ourselves and our planet.